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‘Abd  – Servant A term that was abused by the hard, cruel task-masters. Then Allah came and cleared it of the abuse and raised that title up to be the highest title for human beings — that is, for G-d, The Creator, to call you His

Abd”, His Servant. MJ 12/20/02

‘Abid – Servants of G-d. See Man. 2/24/02 Salatul Jumuah, Chicago, IL.

Abraha  – A community. MJ 10/6/00


  1. Allah says in the Qur’an of Abraham, peace be upon him, that he is a community — not just an individual, not just a man.
  2. First leader and father of mankind for the intellect. MJ 11/30/01
  3. “A father of all nations. MJ 1/3/03
  4. A type of a community, not lust an individual figure. MJ 3/21/03
  5. Second father after Adam. MJ 2/20/04
  6. The last or seventh level. The Bible says Abraham was in the highest heaven, the seventh heaven. MJ 2/20/04
  7. In Islam, he is called the Imam or the Leader for the nations. That means that his Sign was bringing aIl people into the one community of man under G-d. MJ 3/28/03
  8. Represents the ideal leadership for all religious people.
  9. Leading or founding father (Father Abraham).
  10. A true leader for the religious people. BN 2/3/78

Abraham’s digging of the wells – Symbolizes tapping the moral strength in the nature of the people in order to increase in the water of moral life so that the society around him would improve morally and thereby live. BN 10/21/77

Abraham’s sacrifice – A lamb. His Isma’il was a lamb, a lamb in his passions. 4/11/03

Abraham’s son – Human logic. 


  1. The first man G-d created us as one human type called Adam, that father type or original pattern upon which all of us have been formed, the first human life that G-d made. G-d said, “Man’s community was once one community, the community of our first ancestors.” MJ 1/7/00
  2. Our first father. 2/2/00 University of North Carolina, MJ 2/20/04, 10/15/04
  3. First Khalifah the first of the prophets. He is not mentioned as a prophet but as our first father. G-d says that He has made everything in the skies and in the earth to yield its benefit to the man He created, so that, it would be useful and beneficial to all the descendants, the children of that man. That means all of us. MJ 4/13/01
  4. First leader and father of mankind for man’s human nature. MJ 11/30/01
  5. Our first father on the first level, and he went all the way up to Abraham the last (seventh) level. MJ 2/20/04
  6. A figure; a type that represents what is in us — like all the Prophets do. It is Abraham’s appreciation for the rational mind and his great faith in G-d. That is perfect faith in G-d and appreciation for your logic, your rational reasoning, for your mind. He had that, and that is why he is our father. MJ2/20/04
  7. The developer. Allah made him of the land and put him on the land so he would produce from the land and develop the land. This is the man that G-d said He taught all the names. MJ 10/1 5104
  8. Represents one physical type that G-d wanted to be for all of us brought down by the world of Satan; it was brought down in all of us. MJ 11/12/04
  9. The life or human type in its original state that G-d put it in— as seen by Muslims.
  10. See Jesus Christ. MJ 11/12/04
  11. The natural man; the complete man; the man who G-d told to develop the world, to develop the land, and to attend to the needs of the Garden on earth, here and now, not hereafter.
  12. The father. MJ 4/19/02
  13. First prophet. MJ 5/24/02, 11/29/02. See prophet-nature.
  14. Humanity; a collective body. MJ 6/21/02
  15. Adam = the single group soul
  16. Adam’s purpose was to make all of us one family. Islam is the religion of brotherhood and sisterhood. This purpose was advanced by those who followed after him: Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and finally Muhammad. There are many who are not named and some of lesser importance than those I’ve named. They came to advance the good life of mankind and to make knowledge accessible or available to all members of society, to bring mankind into one public — the public of humanity.
  17. A community of people (Bible —Genesis 5:2)
  18. Jesus the Prophet that G-d made. BN 5/23/75
  19. The mind, the heart, the nature, and the spirit that He wanted to rule the earth. BN 12/17/76
  20. Human spirit or the inner person. BN 4/15/77
  21. Not damned.
  22. See fathers, two. MJ 4/4/03 

Adam, first – Represents one physical type that had not dawn into the conscious of man yet; he had not become educated as to what is this type; what is this life; what is its nature. He could not describe it; he was just living it naturally. MJ 11/12/04 2: See Adam, first and second. MJ 11/12/04

Adam, first and second

  1. The same Adam in progression as seen by Muslims. He is developing life. The type is developing.
  2. See Adam.
  3. See Jesus Christ. MJ 11/12/04

Adam, second

  1. According to Christians, when Jesus comes and has a nature and he is conscious of that nature. He is knowledgeable of that nature.
  2. According to Muslims, Jesus is the same Adam in progression. He is developing life. The type is developing. And the type goes up from Adam to John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. MJ 11/12/04
  3. See Adam, first and second.

Adaptation – The object of mind’s life form. BN 7/23/76 

Adha – Brighter; and, it is the time of day that is the brightest. It is the brightest of the time in that bright time. MJ 1/4/02


That which is sent to your ears.

  1. The call that is sent to your ears.
  2. The call to prayer. 5/24/02 Salatul Jumuah, Chicago IL.
  3. That which gets your ear, in Islamic terminology. It is derived from the Arabic word for “ear”.
  4. That which gets your attention.
  5. The Call to Worship. MJ 5/11/01
  6. Give your ear to what you hear. MJ 7/3105
  7. Four takbirs means G-d is bigger than the  universe
  8. See udhan.

Adhan, importance of

  1. For us to be conscious of G-d and remain conscious of G-d.
  2. Five adhan calls and five prayers because we are creatures of five senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch. Radio Broadcast 750 AM, 7/3/05, Chicago

African Methodist Episcopalian Church (AME) – The first Black church. It was African, to connect with our own people; Methodist, to connect with that branch of Christianity; and Episcopalian, to also connect with the Episcopalians. MJ 5/10/02

Africans – In the Bible story of Egypt, they are Ham. MJ 5/10/02

Africanus – The last name of two Caucasians, an explorer named Leo and his brother, a conqueror, Scirpio, who defeated Hannibal in a great battle in what is now called Italy.


  1. Afro-Americans.
  2. (An American of African descent).
  3. Bilalian (name held by followers of W. Deen Mohammad in 1970s. Named after the first Caller to Prayer, Bilal, who was given this duty by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).


  1. They do good.
  2. They have done good in the spirit of goodness and human excellence. For those who do that in this world, there is “hasana” أَحْسَنُ MJ 8/15/03

Ahsanta – You have done excellent. MJ 8/15/03

Air – 1. People who are emotional. BN 9/5/75Ancient people used this term to symbolize prophecy and spiritual teachings. BN 11/7/75

Al-Akbar  – The Holy Qur’an says that G-d is A1-Akbar, meaning that He is the bigger or the greater. BN 9/24/76


  1. That which makes things clear.
  2. The Holy Qur’an: The Clear Evidence.

Al-Fatiha  – The opening chapter of the Holy Qur’an. BN 4/25/75 

Al-Qirah – Any chapter from the Holy Qur’an recited.


  1. The Most Merciful.
  2. That that creates the moral and upright being and make him to know the Clear Evidence.
  3. Signifies grace, mercy, and compassion. Implies having sympathy or coming to the aid of something that needs aid. BN


  1. The Most Gracious.
  2. It is to bring about a Divine creation in the moral nature of the man. BN 4/25/75
  1. H. ‎ – After Hijrah; (Prophet Muhammed’s migration (hijrah) from Mecca to Medina).

Al-Islam – That religion or that discipline or yielding of the spirit and will to G-d that is given to us by G-d. BN 9/2/77

Alive – To manifest signs of human in your being. BN 10/22/77

“All eyes shall see him” – We won’t see Jesus as we thought we would see him, but we will see him as he is.


  1. A proper name that was used thousands of years before the advent of Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (pbuh).
  2. An Arabic word which has the same meaning as the name that was used by Moses, Jesus, and all the prophets for Almighty G-d.
  3. The one deity who rules above and over all; not just any deity. He is the G-d Who is subject to nothing. He is the G-d Who has everything under His power. The rule over creation is His alone. He is a G-d Who is independent and He does not share His Kingdom with anyone or anything.BN 10/24/75
  4. The G-d of all the prophets or messengers of G-d. BN 9/26/75
  5. A benefactor.
  6. Greatest bestower of mercy and compassion.
  7. Best picture of mercy, beneficence, and compassion.
  8. Source of excellence of male and female.
  9. Originator of everything.
  10. The Divine Mind that nourishes a thing from one state to another out of all crudeness towards a perfect state of being. BN 4/25/75
  11. The power that is natural in the world. The natural force in the heavens and the earth that was here before the heavens and before the earth. BN 1/6/75
  12. Embodiment of all truth. One Who has no origin and Who is therefore perfect and eternal. BN 7/2/76

Allah اللَّهَ

  1. An Arabic word for G-d. A study of the word’s history tells us that the use of the Name Allah in Islam combines two words from long, long ago. “Al” which means “the” and “ilah” which means G-d. Allah means The G-d. MJ 6/2/8/02
  2. In the Qur’an, Allah is the Name for all the worlds and for humanity or mankind. See Qur’an. MJ 6/28/02

Allahu Akbar

  1. G-d is Greater, Allah is the Greater.
  2. That nothing is more important or bigger or greater than G-d as an influence in your life. MJ 5/18/01


  1. A story or narrative that teaches a moral or truth by using people, animals, events, etc. as symbols of that moral or truth.
  2. The meaning of allegory comes by way of interpretation.

Allegory – Language that has to be interpreted, that has one appearance on the surface, and when it is understood. You dismiss the surface and see everything. It is allegorical and mystical and metaphorical. MJ 1/18/02

Amendments – (Modifications) written in the constitution so that history would be continuous and not lost. MJ 11/26/04

El-Amin – Trustworthy One. Honest One. MJ 8/3/0 1 & 11/9/01

America – A country designed to give people of different ethnic origins or backgrounds the opportunity to work in separate communities or groups. BN 3/5/76

Ancient mind inspired

  1. A mind that came into birth under the light of the Divine Truth.
  2. Seers, path seekers, travelers, prophets, or Christ(s). BN 7/16/76 


  1. An existence that is to serve man and help man get the victory. 12/6/02 Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam.
  2. An existence that responds automatically but only to good. 12/26/00 Harvey Islamic Ctr., Harvey, IL.


  1. Forces of nature. It is the forces of nature in the physical body that manifests urges or desires. BN 6/20/75
  2. Things that we conceive as having no physical forms. Invisible entities. For instance, the forces of gravity; forces of electricity; forces of light; hidden invisible forces of noise. BN 12/17/76

Angel, chief of the – The mind of man who has come into power because of the forces of gravity, the force of heat, the force of lightning, and the force of sound.

Angelic quality

  1. We hear and we obey. We don’t let our thinking come into the picture.
  2. Without question.
  3. See divine quality. 12/26/00 Harvey Islamic Center, Harvey, IL.

Ankh Key – Key to control a person, place finger in circle rep. head on top.

Anniyyah – Intentions.


  1. Chosen.
  2. Anointed; that the head has been oiled with the Divine and sacred oil of divine Wisdom. BN 10/10/75


  1. A language chosen by G-d because it is powerful in conveying expressions. It conveys its message clearly and with brevity — not using a lot of words. This is Qur’an. MJ 1/3/03
  2. The Semitic language of the Arabians.
  3. The original language. BN 9/19/75

Arabs – Those people speaking the Arabic language. MJ 6/28/02

‘Arafa – To know. MJ 3/21/03


  1. A word derived from the verb arafa which means “to know.”
  2. The place where you come to know your brother in Islam; where you meet leaders from around the world. And you meet, based upon Islamic equality, the equality of Muslims in Islam. MJ 3/21/03 

Ark, building of the – Knowledge of secrecy. BN 9/1997


  1. Man’s spirit.
  2. See bow.
  3. Two arrows are the human spirit that G-d created us with and the spirit of G-d in us. MJ 3/10/01

Arrows fired from same bow, two – Man strains inside to take his life forward. That straining is like pulling back the bows, and it fires his will and spirit. When it fires it is not only his will and spirit, it is also G-d’s will. MJ 3/10/01 

As-Salaam – The peace. G-d’s name. MJ 1/25/02

Asiatic – A name given to African-Americans by Fard Muhammad. 2/2/00 University of North Carolina.

As-Salaam Alaikum  – Peace be unto you.


  1. Late afternoon prayer.
  2. Juice, blood. Pressing-an “effort” exerting oneself – that is heard in the word Asr itself, as pronounced in the throat.

Awakening, first

  1. Human being’s tie to navel cord of Mother Nature. Can’t have life except from her body.
  2. Human beings that cannot get any life except from material world that is nature. G-d has to reveal to them.
  3. Not awaken to G-d’s plan for human being. 5/6/0 1 Riverbank State Park, Harlem, New York.

Ark, building of the – Knowledge of secrecy. BN 9/1997 

Ayat – Each verse or each thought of the Holy Qur’an. BN 4/29/77 4/25/75




  1. In Semitic language, it means door or book.
  2. BN 11/7/75
  3. This simple word “bab” gives the invitation for men to open up and come into a new field of knowledge. BN 11/7/75

Babel – The gate or the door of G-d. BN 6/25/76


  1. First life of human being.
  2. 5/6/0 1 Riverbank State Park, Harlem, NY.
  3. Comes with the path of obedience, the path of innocence, the path of sincerity, the path of respect. The path that G-d wants for us is the path that we see in the newborn baby.
  4. Innocent, sincere, pure — that is what G-d creates. MJ 4/19/02
  5. Comes here as if it were from heaven. Our babies come into this world functionally and perceptually prepared to start a new chapter; a fresh record; a clean slate; another race (opportunity) for our smaller units of family, and for “ the family of man” another race for paradise. MJ 2/16/01

Babies, language of the, – The language responding to the reality that they have when G-d created them. They are in the world of sensitivities and feelings. When they open their eyes, they are in the world of their sight and their hearing and they get things from us. MJ 6/28/02 

Baby Nation – A newly formed nation as defined by the Hon. Master Elijah Muhammad.

Ball – A principal that you can’t establish

Baptism – A Christian practice that is symbolic of spiritual regeneration.

Baseball diamond – Symbolic of the three stages, developments you need to get home.


  1. Points to human sensitivities in their original nature and form; unadulterated human sensitivities.
  2. Suggests the human skin or the outside skin of anything — the human being or even of fruit. MJ 10/20/00 


  1. Force of the biological or the physical. BN 8/29/75
  2. The flesh-conscious Christian church.

Behavior – Conduct demanded of us by our religions is firstly, in our Holy Book; secondly, in the life example of our Prophet of Islam, Muhammad; and thirdly, in the model life of Muslims whom we have known to be recorded in the history and tradition of Islam. We know that              Muhammad the Prophet obligated us also to follow their examples. MJ 1/25/02


  1. Ancient name for Mecca in A-C Islamic teachings.
  2. Mecca in the Bible. MJ 11/16/01

Being – To exist.


  1. Feeling trying to be strong enough to move up to the knowledge form. BN 10/10/75
  2. See feeling.

Bell and Bugle – Stubborn nature in the mind


  1. Giver of graces.
  2. BN 4/25/75


  1. Ar-Rahman.
  2. Most Gracious.
  3. Masculine attribute implying giving freely, disregarding selfish motives.
  4. Greatest manifestation of Beneficence in the creation of man (mind) in His likeness. BN 4/25/75

Bi (in Bismillah)

  1. بِ
  2. We should not start before first having Allah in our hearts and that we should rely on Allah and trust Allah to give the results to whatever actions or work that we are about to do.


  1. Knowledge of advanced people. BN 8/15/75
  2. Divided into three: law, prophecy, wisdom. BN 8/1977 — Pg. 4SA
  3. A Book designed for the masses of the ignorant people. The truth that is in it is hidden from the masses under ancient scriptural symbolism. BN 7/9/76

Bilal Ibn Rabah, Hadzrat                  

  1. The first Muezzin (caller of the Adhan; summons to prayer) and Treasurer of Islam was born around A. D. 600; the son of an Abyssinian slave girl. He was Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) first convert.
  2. Master Bilal. BN 11/7/75

Bilalian – A name adopted by African-Americans, especially under the leadership of Imam W. Deen

Mohammad, on 11/7/75. A name so given after Hadzrat Bilal Ibn Rabah, the first caller to prayer in Islam.


  1. Symbolizes prophet. BN 8/29/75
  2. Used by the wise ancient people to describe the highest form or step in the evolution of man’s upward movement. BN 12/12/75
  3. Symbol of spiritual life, vision, the nature to follow G’d and seethe whole picture, freedom. Bible says birds created on 5th day, freedom with the 5 senses.


  1. Brought about by the forces of hunger. BN 7/2/76
  2. See Miraculous Birth.

Birth, miraculous – The birth of every Prophet or Messenger of G-d.


  1. The right to be a full human being with a complete mind and a complete soul, with an appetite not only for spiritual things but with an appetite also for material things.
  2. See sun and moon.


  1. Effect from colors being absorbed into each other or taken in.
  2. 9/1977- Pg. 4SA
  3. The absence of light. BN 8/12/77
  4. Black – “I think when the Satan inspired the English word to be formed B-L-A-C-K, he knew he was going to put it on African-Americans eventually. He singled out a people to be called inferior and spelled the color he chose for you — not for a black Cadillac- and it says in it, “lack” — L-A-C-K. He was saying “we are going to see that the Blacks are lacking — lacking in intelligence, lacking in spirit — the spirit that G-d wants for people; and lacking in knowledge.” MJ 11/1/02

Black Man – The man who was born in darkness and out of darkness and whose mind developed so strongly that it was able to bring light out of darkness.

Blear (blue)-eyed (Zurq)

  1. To lose half of your focus.
  2. To lose of your physical vision. BN 8/12/77

Blessing of the Prophets and deserving minds – To see into darkness and to point out what is right and what is wrong. BN 4/23/76


  1. In the Old Testament, blood is the life of the body.
  2. In the New Testament, blood is the spirit of the New Testament.
  3. Socially confused and socially corrupt and without the spirit of social and community life as G-d wants them to have it in their bodies and in their people. MJ 6/21/02
  4. Unclean, as defined under Moses.
  5. Life of the individual. BN 6/11/77

Blood sacrifice

  1. Giving up corruption, impurity.
  2. A pagan idea meaning sacrifice of human life itself.

Blood relationship

  1. The first plane or level that recognizes that we are first a family people belonging to our home, our mother, our father, and to our brothers and sisters.
  2. This is one of four planes of which to address the human being: namely, blood, money, world of spirit, and world of divine truth relationship. BN 7/9/76
  3. See spirit.

Blood up to the horses bridal = reveling the secrets oppressors use on the masses.

Blowing on the knots – Is trying to influence your firm convictions.

Blue – Deception

Body Christ

  1. A congregation of people that will move as Christ, or as one man. BN 10/10/75
  2. The religious society that followed Jesus’ teachings.
  3. Jesus’ congregation. BN 7/30/76


  1. A body of knowledge.
  2. In Divine language, it means knowledge that is strong enough to support the moral form of the people like your bones in your body are strong enough to support your flesh. BN 5/23/7 5

Bones (the coming together of Ezekiel’s bones) – In the mission of the WCIW, it is the restoration of natural connections and relationships.. . Mind and flesh must be reunited and the healthy dignified relationship between mind and flesh must be restored. BN 3/4/77


  1. Body of knowledge.
  2. An opening to new understanding and broader discoveries. BN 11/7/75

“Born in sin” – That baby was born into a sinful world — not that sin was in the baby when G-d made it. MJ 6/28/02


  1. Material substance of man
  2. See arrow. MJ 3/10/01

Bow and string – Our body and our spirit respectively. 


  1. That which cannot hold man up.
  2. See obedience to G-d. MJ 10/20/00
  3. The human brain is the most beneficial creation for mankind. MJ 11/30/01
  4. See heart.
  5. “G-d did not create anything better than the human brain.” This is the saying of our Prophet recorded in Bukhari and Muslim in Hadith, the gr eat volumes of information.
  6. Created above the soul and above the heart. MJ 8/16/02

Brain, frontal part of the

  1. The most developed part of the brain according to science.
  2. Before science (informed us), the religion told us that we put that part on the ground/ floor in glorifying G-d. MJ 8/30/02


  1. (Bible) “Give us this day our daily bread,” said Jesus… He wasn’t talking about Wonder Bread from the store. He was talking about the “b-read” — to be read and read correctly.
  2. Doctrine of the New Testament.
  3. See wine. MJ 8/30/02

“Breaking boundaries” – To form alliances and bonds with others. Democracy is about extending horizons and opening new ones. MJ 9/12/03

Branches – In the Bible, St. John 15:1-8, it represents the disciples who believed in Jesus and who accepted him. BN 7/30/76

Bread eaten in remembrance of Christ’s flesh

  1. Rational knowledge.
  2. A doctrine for people to follow or to live on. BN 12/16/77

Breath – The wise people of ancient days used this term to describe the wisdom and the knowledge that flows out of G-d’s Brain.

Breath of G-d

  1. The objects that hang in space (words from the Creator). This was the way the first knowledge came to the people. BN 8/15/75
  2. See Words from Almighty G-d.

Breath of life

  1. BN 8/29/75
  2. See first spirit.

Brown – Deception, tinted

Bush – In the Bible, it represents a spiritual community of people who were strong in faith. 6/1978-4SA

Business – Necessary for the life and progress of society, but it is not the higher value. The higher value is devotion to your G-d. When you are asked to devote your attention to your G-d (Jumuah) then close up your shop. MJ 8/31/01

Buswa – Excellent human nature. 12/26/00 Harvey Islamic Ctr., Harvey, IL


  1. Brother Mohammed Hassan of Flushing, NY
  2. “Some of this Good Earth” Adilah Dawan/MUSLIM JOURNAL 


  1. BN = Bilalian News
  2. MJ = Muslim Journal
  3. G-d or G’d =
  4. (pbuh) = “Peace be upon him”; a salutation given whenever the name of Muhammad is mentioned.

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