Imam WD Mohammed Quran CommentaryImam WD Mohammed Quran Commentary This 550-page book is dedicated to the life and memory of Imam Warithuddin Mohammed (October 30, 1933 – September 9, 2008). He was an enlightened ambassador of the Word of G_d calling us to the life and purpose for which we were created. He answered a cry deep within the souls of a people yearning for completeness – a people who are now called, “his community”. All that he hoped for could not be completely fulfilled within the span of his earthly life. In physical form, he is no more. Yet the vitality of his spirit and the wisdom and guidance of his teachings are very much alive. Within his body of knowledge, there is an essence – a potency – a potential that is constantly unfolding within and about those who love him the most. The spirit of his determination, his courage, his hopes, his yearnings are alive in us. In shaa Allah, this spirit will live on for generations to come. The time for the greater manifestation of his teachings is close at hand, not just for the benefit of his community; but for the greater good of our nation and all of humanity. He is our brother, our teacher, our friend. We thank Allah with all humility and gratitude for his life and his sacrifices. Have questions email

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