This 550-page book is dedicated to the life and memory of Imam Warithuddin Mohammed (October 30, 1933 – September 9, 2008). He was an enlightened ambassador of the Word of G_d calling us to the life and purpose for which we were created. He answered a cry deep within the souls of a people yearning for completeness – a people who are now called, “his community”.

April 2nd – Official Book Release.

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Nur-Allah Islamic Center

“The Nur-Allah Islamic Center is an Islamic community in association with the leadership of the late-Imam W. Deen Mohammed. We proclaim in word and deed the universal message of Al-Islam that there is but One G_d* (Allah) and one human family. We are committed to establishing a balanced community life in its broadest sense, witnessing the eternal wisdom of the Words of G_d as revealed in the Holy Qur’an and the life-model exemplified by Prophet Muhammad, prayers and peace be on him. We will cultivate the patterned growth of human excellence and good character through building valuable relationships with all G_d conscious people of all races, religions, and universal creeds.”


Nur-Allah Islamic CenterThe Vision of Nur-Allah Islamic Center

The vision statement of Nur-Allah Islamic Center is to be a model community in the broadest sense, not leaving out anything of value. A community which is balanced, witnessing to all people, a community that G_d (Allah) establishes, approves of and supports.

Resident Imam, Michael “Mikal” Saahir

Nur-Allah Islamic Center of Indianapolis