Nur-Allah Islamic Center

830 N. Mitthoefer Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46229

“The Nur-Allah Islamic Center, in partnership with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. (KIB), proudly announces the construction of our walking trail on our property at 830 N. Mitthoefer.
We are humbly grateful for this opportunity to host a walking trail that is being designed for community utilization that incorporates a focus on furthering the unity and connectivity of our neighbors in the spirit of universal brotherhood.”

Nur-Allah Islamic Center

“The Nur-Allah Islamic Center is an Islamic community in association with the leadership of the late-Imam W. Deen Mohammed. We proclaim in word and deed the universal message of Al-Islam that there is but One G_d* (Allah) and one human family. We are committed to establishing a balanced community life in its broadest sense, witnessing the eternal wisdom of the Words of G_d as revealed in the Holy Qur’an and the life-model exemplified by Prophet Muhammad, prayers and peace be on him. We will cultivate the patterned growth of human excellence and good character through building valuable relationships with all G_d conscious people of all races, religions, and universal creeds.”


Nur-Allah Islamic CenterThe Vision of Nur-Allah Islamic Center

The vision statement of Nur-Allah Islamic Center is to be a model community in the broadest sense, not leaving out anything of value. A community which is balanced, witnessing to all people, a community that G_d (Allah) establishes, approves of and supports.

Resident Imam, Michael “Mikal” Saahir

Nur-Allah Islamic Center of Indianapolis