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“Allah-U-Akbar” G-d is Greater
By Imam Mikal Saahir
Written December 26, 2005

One of the most often repeated phrases from the lips of Muslims worldwide is the Arabic words “Allah-U-Akbar” which means G-d is greater”. This compound phrase serves as a reminder that G-d is greater than any and everything in our lives. Allah is Arabic for G-d, and Akbar is Arabic which means greater, bigger, and more important.

When a Muslim says “Allah-U-Akbar”, he or she is affirming that they have their priorities straight in their life, and that G-d is the greatest priority in their life. No other concern, ambition or human being has a higher priority than that given to serving and obeying G-d.

The Holy Qur’an sura (chapter) 29: ayat (verse) 45 states, “Recite what is sent of the Book by inspiration to thee, and establish regular Prayer: for Prayer restrains from shameful and unjust deeds; and remembrance of Allah is the greatest (thing in life) without doubt. And Allah knows the (deeds) that ye do.”

The above verses closes with a clear message that of all the deeds one may perform the greatest thing in life is the remembrance of G-d. This is also saying that while doing our daily deeds – no matter how big or small – that pleasing G-d be the main focus of each deed. Developing and maintaining such an attitude will help to keep all of our deeds pure and free of error, thus eliminating sin, especially habitual sins, from our lives.

Before a Muslim can comfortably do an act they must say “With the name of G-d”. But if their actions are wrong then they must leave out the name of G-d and go on their own. However, if Allah-U-Akbar is active and viable in their hearts and minds then the doing of wrong is minimized tremendously because G-d is the number one priority in their lives and therefore the tendency to do wrong is restrained sharply.

“Allah-U-Akbar” also is saying that all human beings are dependent upon G-d. Not a single human being has ever walked this earth independent of G-d. The Holy Qur’an sura 93: ayat 7says, speaking to Prophet Muhammed, “And He found thee wandering, and He gave thee guidance”.

Every human being is dependent upon G-d. The sacred text of the Bible says in John 14:28 quotes Christ Jesus acknowledging that G-d is greater than himself. “Ye have heard how I said unto you, I go away, and come [again] unto you. If ye loved me, ye would rejoice, because I said, I go unto the Father: for my Father is greater than I”.

Each of G-d’s prophets, from Adam to Muhammed recognized that G-d was greater than them. They had their priorities straight and properly rendered all worship to the one true G-d. Each of these men of G-d were tested and tempted in particular by those individuals and things closes to them.

Each of us is tested also by individuals, issues and concerns, and other important things that are close to us. The challenge for us is will we keep G-d as the greatest in our lives or will we allow people and concerns become the greater? Will we follow the ways of our great human models, called prophets, or will we confuse our priorities by giving more attention to other concerns as if these concerns are greater than G-d ?

Often the biggest contributor to us confusing our priorities is misplaced love for a wayward family member who wants us to lie or become unrighteous for their sake. It may be a spouse, a son or a daughter. Sometimes we may even allow our own selfish motives to confuse our priority of putting G-d first, but if we always remember that G-d is greater than all else in our lives then we’ll always have a saving grace.

Life is one big test with daily mini-quizzes; however, G-d has given us an unfailing test guide in the phrase “Allah-U-Akbar”. The daily usage of that phrase will get us through every test of life.GUARANTEED!

G-d is bigger, greater, and more important than any thing, person or concern we can ever have in life. It is by practicing the reality of Allah-U-Akbar in ever issue of life that will make us successful in this life and even more successful in the life to come after we die. “Allah-U-Akbar!
NOTE: The spelling of G-d for “god” is used for when referencing or mentioning our Creator to avoid the spelling “God”, which in reverse spells “Dog”. We feel that it is disrespectful to have a spelling for our Creator that reminds the reader of a dog. Surely our Creator is GREATER!
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